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NVIDIA continues to expand the list of applications for RTX with AI. 

On May 15, 2024, Mozilla Firefox announced support for NVIDIA's AI-based RTX Video technology to automatically improve video quality. Thanks to this technology, videos on PCs with RTX will be clearer and more detailed. Just one click of a button and you no longer need to switch to a higher resolution. What's included in RTX Video on RTX PC:
RTX Video Super Resolution: eliminates compression artifacts, increases resolution, detail and clarity of the image. Implementation occurs through the work of a specially trained artificial intelligence model. 
RTX Video HDR: Analyzes SDR video content using an AI neural network and expands dynamic range to the HDR10 standard. This helps improve the visibility of the surroundings in the frame, increasing detail and increasing maximum brightness.
Today, 90% of video on the Internet has, at best, a resolution of 1080p in the SDR standard. NVIDIA RTX Video uses AI to “remaster” such video on RTX cards in real time and allows you to view high-definition content in the HDR standard.
RTX Video is already supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, and RTX Video Super Resolution is already used in popular video players such as VLC.

You can see how the technology works in this video: 

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